Haslemere Fringe Festival

Production Services

We have been creating exciting video content since the early 1990’s & inspiring events since 1995.

As a small company we have the ability to hire on a client by client basis, in order to ensure the best people are providing your services, so expect the very best from our crew!

We will always seek out dynamic solutions that excite and produce interest, within a your budget.

We also dedicate time to research & development. This enables us to improve what we offer, and bring on board new people, embracing their different ideas and individual creativity, to work as part of our team. We are also continuously looking at the way we use tools and technology and look after our environment and the community we live and work in.


We offer a diverse range of creative workshops & courses for young people, delivered at our studio in Guildford, or at a venue of your choice.

We work with schools, charities & local authorities, to deliver exciting multi media based projects.

We can provide workshops for fun, for a parties, for the holidays as well as our inclusive workshops for people with disabilities.