Video Production

We have been creating exciting video content since the early 1990’s.

With experience in live video performance art to Vox Pops docu-promos, we have the ideas and experience to guide you through your concept, from start to end, creating a product or production, with an experience that you will find both stimulating and rewarding.

Whether you are looking for a complete solution, where we work from your synopsis and treatment in order to create a storyboard, script and whole production through to final media, or if you are simply looking for some guidence, we can help.

Today, anyone can pick up a decent camera, shoot and edit on their phone or laptop. That’s all great, particularly where a business needs to regularly blog or deliver a video presentation or web upload. However if you want to take things further, we can support you with professional tools, equipment and even some training, enabling you to develop your skills as a business or individual.

We can help you to develop media projects that get to the heart of the matter, we will always seek out dynamic solutions that excite and produce interest, within a realistic budget.

  •     Video Production for websites, promotional, educational, screenings, artistic events or installations & presentations.
  •     ‘Voicebox’ mobile video diary / consultation.
  •     ‘Retro’ video production – using period technology for that unmatchable analogue experience.
  •     Music Video production, Video Art & VJing
  •     Free initial meeting within our local area, or virtual meeting to discuss your idea.