Providing educational support  to help you deliver

We can provide creative & technical support for projects or curricular based activities

  • We work with schools & authorities to provide Activities Week’s, tailoring to a theme or subject.
  •  We can deliver training workshops to assist young people to produce a show or create a video.
  • We currently work with Haslemere Educational Museum to create animated films, featuring exhibits and historical facts, within a skill enhancing workshop.
  • We deliver a complete video film and animation course (Active English) and supporting EFL classes for the UK2LEARN summer programme.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

We can tailor or workshops to include professional development. This is especially desirable where a school or organisation wish to continue to deliver projects or workshops to a high standard or wish to increase confidence using media technology within a real workshop environment

For example; After attending one of our taster workshops at The DAISY (Disability Arts Festival) Staff from The Grange Centre, Surrey continued with a programme of CPD including:

  • Running a basic animation workshop
  • Using chroma-key (green screen)
  •  Video & audio editing
  • Stop-frame & Key-frame animation

During this process, Grange Centre Staff & Clients created a promotional video using all of the techniques included in the training, and went on to build their own studio, with our advise on the acquisition of new equipment.